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Civil Aeronautics Pilot

Civil Aeronautics Pilot 

Duane received his two year diploma graduating from General Motors Institute (GMI* now Kettering University) in June 1942.  Three months before graduating from GMI, he enrolled in a Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) and received his Civil Aeronautics License. He could already fly planes when he enlisted in the Navy, making him an excellent candidate for military pre-flight school. He served his country during WWII for three years. 

Having a pilot license presented an opportunity for him to teach others to fly and allowed him to run a small Flying School out of Englewood Airport in Colorado. As a Flight Instructor, he trained over 130 students in a private and commercial pilot program he designed, from August 1947 to February 1948.

*GMI focused on training plant supervisors and engineers and also offered extension courses and a work-study co-op program.

In this 1:26 minute video clip, Duane talks about enlisting in the Navy.
Clipped from The Story of VPB-128 [time 2:10-3:36]