Riding into Retirement

Pearsall Rides a Scooter

Riding into Retirement

In the year 2000, the Pearsall's moved into a 2-bedroom condominium overlooking Dillon Reservoir in Dillon, Colorado and lived there for seven years. Dillon offered everything recreational; skiing, fishing, ice-skating, sailing, paved bicycle paths, hiking and breathtaking scenery. During those years the Dillon Community Church, the local Rotary Club and the Dillon Yacht Club also became a big part of their lives. Throughout his life, Pearsall adhered to the Christian faith, He was baptized at birth and again as an expression of his faith in 2003.

Retirement Plan Agenda

Retirement Agenda

Putting pen to yellow lined paper, Pearsall outlined his agenda for a phase-in plan announcing his official retirement from business on October 31, 1993.

50+ Senior Winter Games at the Summit Medals

Winter Games Medals

Senior Winter Games

Pearsall tells of the experience with recreation and the Senior Winter Games in his autobiography. "For a couple of years, Marge and I participated in the Summit County Senior Olympics. That's when I discovered how challenging it is in figure skating to perform choreographed moves in perfect timing with the music. Marge and I both won silver and gold medals mostly because few people in our age category signed up to compete. Marge won a gold medal in speed skating against a single competitor 20 years younger than herself. With too little competition, we eventually lost interest."

Skiing in the Senior Winter Games



Duane took up skiing in 1974 at the age of 52, taking advantage of the nine mile ride to Breckinridge where his two daughters lived.  He joined the Over the Hill Gang ski club at the Copper Mountain ski resort. The club members were guys age of 50 and up would ski like they were going on 16. Pearsall made frequent trips the ski slopes until shortly before turning 84.

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Sailing Lake Dillion

Duane could often be seen sailing his  Cosair 24 trimaran that I named, "Tri-umph" on Lake Dillion Reservior. At 9,100 feet, the Dillon Open is North America's highest freshwater regatta. 

Pearsall also sailed on the ocean.


Ageless Grace

Ice Skating

In the Winter Pearsall loved to figure skate and learned to ski at age 53. Duane's favorite winter activity as a boy was sail skating. 

Dewey Pearsall, 77 years young, demonstrates grace and poise while competing in the figure
skating competition at the Senior Winter Games Monday at Keystone.
Clipping from Summit Daily News.

Parade Grand Marshall

Parade Grand Marshall Badge

Parade Grand Marshall

In 1976, Duane was the Parade Grand Marshall at the Lakewood Centennial-Bicentennial celebration. Offical badges of the Lakewood Centennial-Bicenntenial Parade with Pearsall as the special dignitary and Parade Grand Marshall.