Making Business Better

Making Business Better

Statitrol Corporation was ahead of its time offering many employee benefits. Duane developed a reputation for being employee-oriented, looking out for the futures of his employees. Vesting employees in a profit sharing plan, promoting women into management, hiring minorities, modifying elevators and restrooms to accommodate employees with disabilities, offering tuition reimbursement, nurses on duty, childcare and transporation for those in need, and opened a credit union, these were just a few benefits enjoyed by Statitrol employees.

As Statitrol grew, he focused on the business aspects of the company; advocating for employee tax credits, write-offs and loans capability for small business. Duane served as one of 15 members on a Small Business Administration Task Force. A six month study on venture and equity for small business became a recommendation for a series of innovative steps that would bring critically needed new venture capital to small businesses.

He was a spokesman and advocate for American small business, which he considered to be the "backbone of the nation's economy." He travelled to Washington, D.C. numerous times to testify before Congressional committees on small business issues.

1976, he helped found the Small Business Council of the United States Chamber of Commerce.

1975 to 1978, he served as Director of the Denver Chamber of Commerce.

1979, he invested in the Rockies Venture Club, an early venture capital fund.

1979, he was Chairman of the Colorado Small Business Council

1983 - 1993, He was a founding general partner of the Columbine Venture Fund, which worked to help entrepreneurs obtain funding, a cause Pearsall felt strongly about. 

1982 to 1989 - Director of the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI)

1985 to 1986 - Associate Chairman for Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI)