Venture into Capitalism

Duane Pearsall Standing Outside

Venture into Capitalism covers the business life of Pearsall and his companies, Pearsall Company, Statitrol Corporation, and Columbine Venture Funds. His vision and values provide insight into his practices, showing us how he was a head of his time when it came to employees.

Duane Pearsall was an advocate and spokesperson for the small business person. He was interested in helping individual entrepreneurs obtain technical and financial assistance launching new enterprises. Duane was troubled by government’s misguided regulation legislation and its effects on small business. The back breaking burden of regulations and government paperwork came from new places, such as OSHA, the EPA, Warranty and Pension Reform Acts, New regulations designed to protect employees, consumers and regulate big business, but it was killing small business. Duane advocated for employee tax credits, write-offs and loans capability for small business.

Items related to his business career and his interaction with the Small Business Administration.

  • Congressional Hearings
  • Correspondence
  • Testimony in Congress (1977-1988)
  • Speeches
  • White House
  • Pearsall Company, (1955-1966)
  • Statitrol Corporation (1963-1977)
  • Columbine Venture funds (1983-1993)
  • Annual Reports
  • Consultant
  • Venture Capitalist