The Effects of Regulation

The Effects of Regulation

After relinquishing Statitrol to become a Division of Emerson Electric in 1977, life for Pearsall remained exciting. Becoming the 1976 National Small Business Person of the Year carried weight. Duane was interviewed many times, and many articles were published in newspapers and magazines reporting his opinion about small business. “I’m incensed with misguided legislation that’s killing small business," he would say, and in a Denver Chamber of Commerce meeting, he declared “Our government is destroying the creative strength of America through misguided legislation; OSHA, EPA, Warranty and Pension Reform Acts all created a back-breaking burden of regulations and government paperwork. The intent was to protect  consumers and employees, and regulates big business, but the real victim has been small business."

He became a spokesman for small business across the nation. He made numerous trips to Washington D.C. to testify before Congressional committees on small business issues nationwide. His advocacy as a spokesperson helped individual entrepreneurs obtain technical and financial assistance launching new enterprises.

For nearly 20 years he was a frequent speaker to business and civic groups and was an invited guest lecturer in colleges and universities.

The chairman of Underwriters' Laboratories telephoned Pearsall about a misguided piece of legislation that had been introduced on the floor of the Senate. If this legislation ever passed, it could destroy Underwriter's Laboratories. Pearsall received a copy of the bill to review the one inch thick publication.

"Senate Bill S. 825, Formerly Senate Bill S. 3555. A Bill To Foster Competition And Consumer Protection Policies In The Development Of Product Standards, And The Testing And Certification Of Products."

Misguided legislation angered Pearsall, in this case, he encouraged the Small Business Council of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to get him on the witness list for the pending hearing set for May 4, 1977. 

Pearsall would testify in several hearings regarding regulations to business.