The Statitrol Story

The Statitrol Story 

STATITROL CORPORATION was founded in 1963 for the purpose of building an ionizing device called a static neutralizer. Static neutralizers use high voltage as a method of generating ions and then, with the help of a fan, distribute these ions in darkrooms, clean rooms, industrial processes, etc., to neutralize static charges.

In the development of static neutralizers, it was found that a technician, smoking in the laboratory, could destroy the output of the neutralizer. This was measured by a battery powered ion meter.

After investigation, it was found the ionization detection principle had been used commercially for several years and had been designed by a Swiss manufacturer and distributed in the United States under the name Pyrotronics.

Statitrol, nevertheless, was the first manufacturer in the U.S. to submit and have a commercial ionization detector listed by Underwriters' Laboratories. SmokeGard is Statitrol's major breakthrough in the area of home fire safety. It was developed because of some tragic statistics published by the National Fire Protection Association. 

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