Statitrol Newsletters

Statitrol Years Scrapbook

The Statitrol Corporation newsletters were an effective communication tool that created a channel for employees to learn about new developments, and it was also used to recognize high achievers and employee milestones throughout the company.

Pearsall believed engaging employees in the company business would foster a sense of community and common purpose; keeping everyone informed of what was happening across the organization.

Archived Statitrol Newsletters can be viewed here 

A few highlights from Smoke Signals:

Newsletter one was published in August 1973 by the first editor, Jeanne Ramseir. Employee Sam Savajian won the contest to name the publication to Smoke Signals and became the new editor.

Newsletter two published in September 1973 contained news that Smokegard models 700, 710, 720 received verbal UL approval September 24, 1973.

Newsletter four was published November 26, 1973 and an article discusses the ABC documentary on the problem with fire, and it featured only Smokegard smoke detectors, which was great for marketing the products.

In the August 1976 newsletter, Duane outlines Statitrol’s corporate objectives after Statitrol experienced a bomb scare at their Lakewood facility. He wrote, “Our corporate objectives are that we shall continue to build our Company through honesty and integrity in a manner which contribute to the future of our employees, properly rewards our shareholders, contributes to our community and, at the same time, continues to earn the respect of our suppliers and customers.” Note, priority #1 is the “The future of our employees."

In September 1976, the newsletter gives kudos to employees that voluntarily gave up the annual company picnic to donate $10, 000 to the families and victims of the Big Thomson River Canyon Flood. Employees had an impromptu picnic instead, bringing their own food and drink.

In the October and November 1976 newsletters, Duane talks about Ralph Nader and the effects of Nader’s complaint to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that smoke detector emit radiation because a small amount of Americium 241 is used to create the ion chamber, which is the heart of the device.