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My grandfather is an alum and he used the library alot when he was self-employed in the 80s and 90s. I remember going with him and seeing my first computer in a library!

Paper recycling area.

More art, expanded fiction section, more contemporary literature and have a children’s section. (How about using the Dewey Decimal System?) More artwork: it’s really nice.

IQP Meetings.

I’m a freshman and I have always been told one same thing by almost all library staff--"Library is closing now". In the future, I don’t want to hear it. I want library to be open 24 hours.
-S. Gasthini

More cubicles, sometimes I can’t find more space to study.

Halloween celebration

Getting lost on the periodicals level was fun, as was discovering the new study space down there. Reading in the aisles till the auto-lights turned off...

I remember exploring the library for the first time freshman year with some of my friends. We ended up writing C ++ code on the chalkboard downstairs.

Studying all night before my first college midterm.

I still remember the nights I passed in the library during the past winter: Outside was dark and snow was falling down, inside I was studying in a quiet and warm environment.

The library is such a quiet and peaceful place to study and focus on stressful classes and workload.

The environment and service of Gordon Library are very good, but I expect Gordon Library to expand scale in the future.

I am a freshman and I always study at the library, especially at night. I usually go back to my room when library staff kick me out.
-K. Thet

You should have more books about other languages: e.g. France, Chinese, Japanese...

Automated Tech Suite reservation

I remember wandering around the stacks late at night, looking for people who were left as we were closing and feeling how quiet and peaceful the library was and how much knowledge I felt around me.

It would be awesome to have e-Ink tablets!

One day I heard a couple, viciously arguing in one of the rooms. They were really loud. I almost knocked on the door, until I realized they were part of the Drama Guild and rehearsing.

More computers with large tables around them for when Tech Suites are not available. Also a coffee/hot cocoa machine with the vending machines.

I love reading. I remember low fines.

Recycling, room reservation system.

I have found this “my” library to be the most worth place to spend your whole day and night. So serene and quiet. I just love this place.

Make it easier to get books online and charges for over late fees reduced.

Saw librarian at TA orientation – reduced my book online! Very convenient.

When I was in high school I was afraid of the library. If we were required to do research there I would just hide in the back and read People magazine. Then I came to work at WPI and my life changed. I'm not afraid of the library anymore. It is mostly thanks to Laura Robinson Hanlan - reference librarian extraordinaire and one of my favorite people. Not only can she find me obscure journals and books, she has taught me not to fear the library or librarians. Thanks Laura and all the library staff for helping me soak in the greatness that is the Gordon Library.
- Jennifer

Tech labs/rooms have been a great resource for group projects. Maybe a coffee bar?
- Anonymous

Seeing more tech suits, since they fill up quick.
- Ryan

A Simple Masterpiece with endless pages to read!
- Ivor

Being stressed out after trying to study all day with my loud roomate and her friends constant chatter and in frustration going to the library at 10 pm at night and gettin way more down there in just 3 hrs than I did all day.
- Anonymous