Duane Pearsall Statitrol Years Scrapbook (1968 - 1973)

The Statitrol Years Scrapbook was created by Duane Pearsall.

This exhibit contains the individual pages from the original scrapbook assembled by Pearsall. The images on each page were cropped to provide a better experience viewing the photographs. The scrapbook is filled with special memories from his company Statitrol.

The events documented with photographs in this scrapbook:

  • The ground-breaking and the building of Statitrol in Lakewood Colorado (1968)
  • The Painting Party (March 7, 1970)
  • Statitrol Christmas Party at the Ramada Inn (1970)
  • The Bowling Team (1970)
  • Willowbrook Cave Picnic (August 19, 1971)
  • Statitrol Christmas Party at the Ramada Inn (1972)
  • Marge Frisbee's Farewell Party
  • Thanksgiving Lunch (1973)
  • Statitrol Christmas Party (1973)
  • Statitrol 10th Anniversary
  • Press Party (December 14, 1973)

 The PDF for this scrapbook is available here.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute