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Collections and Documents

Note: Most of this information is from finding aids available through the AAS web site.



  • Annah C. Harthan Fay Papers, 1904-1939? - 2 v., octavo; 1 folder - Two record books, 1904-1918 and 1908-1918, with business records of job printing done by Hitchcock Press in Princeton, MA before and during the time Fay owned the company. There is also a list of subscribers to Fay's publication Laborers Friend. The folder contains a biography of Fay written by her daughter.
  • Gazette Company Business Records, 1898-1900 - 1 v., folio - This is a record book with the agreement of incorporation, a list of stockholders, and minutes of stockholders' meetings.
  • Moses W. Grout Advertisement, 1830 - 1 sheet - Promotes Grout's "Book and fancy printing office" in Worcester, formerly the office of the National Aegis.
  • Charles Hamilton Business Records, 1860-1906 - 3 v., octavo; 10 v., folio; 1 oversize folder - Includes pocket diaries for 1862 and 1869, mostly business related; Time Book listing employees and time worked; business transactions and expenses.
  • G. & C. Merriam Business Records, 1818-1860 - 3 boxes - Business correspondence and account books, including shipping receipts, bills, book orders, and advertisements for new publications. There is also microfilm of six account books, 1818-1836. The originals are in the Merriam Company Archives at Yale University. There are three account books and one day book, 1818-1834, dealing with the Merriams' business in West Brookfield as E. Merriam & Co. and E. & G. Merriam.
  • National Aegis Business Records, 1806-1891 - 3 boxes - Includes legal and business papers, letters written to William Lincoln as editor, poetry, notes, memoranda, articles for publication, questionnaires sent out by the Aegis.
  • Isaiah Thomas Papers, 1749-1831 - 15 boxes (13 feet); 20 v., octavo; 1 v., folio; 2 oversize folders - Personal and business papers, including diaries, correspondence, legal documents, receipts, materials related to Thomas' book, History of Printing in America.
  • Wall Family Papers, 1833-1899 - 2 folders - Includes family correspondence and the diary of Caleb Arnold Wall from 1840-1841. Mr. Wall was employed by the Worcester Spy from 1837 to 1898.
  • West & Lee Game and Printing Company Business Records, 1873-1874 - 1 v., folio - Volume contains articles of incorporation, a list of stockholders with number of shares, and minutes of meetings to establish the company.


Note: The following materials are from the AAS's "Worcester Collection." There is a card file in the library for the Worcester Collection.

  • Commonwealth Press -
    • Small bound book by Hamilton B. Wood - "Advertising & Salaries," c. 1930
    • Small bound booklet - brochures, with examples of type and testimonials, 1931
    • Article -- "How to Order Printing" - explains how to plan job to be printed, specifications and estimates, type and illustrations, May 1949
    • Printing example - reprinted article by Commonwealth Press
  • Davis Press -
    • Large brochure - "It's Inside - Some Effects in Half-tone Process Printing," produced by Gilbert G. Davis, Printer. Includes many photographs illustrating the half-tone process, 1897.
    • Poster Stamp Album with company stamps, 1915
    • Christmas card printed and sent by Davis Press, 1921
    • Brochure - "Business needs artists," promoting graphic arts services of Davis Press, 1931
    • Brochure - "One Month's Printing," listing jobs and types of users, 1935
    • Two brochures promoting direct mail to advertisers, c. 1930s-1950s
    • Brochure - "Care & Feeding of Prospective Customers," May 1935
    • Brochure - "Putting the Shoe on the Other Foot," c. 1930s
    • Brochure - "Selling with Creative Art," examples of styles, 1938
    • Brochure - "Selling with a Smile," c. 1950s
  • Harrigan Press -
    • Catalog - "Refined Type for Refined People," includes styles of type, 1912




Worcester Historical Museum

30 Elm Street
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Contact: Robyn Christensen, Librarian
Phone: 508-753-8278 ext. 105
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Building is handicap accessible, with ramp and elevator
Library Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Thursday, 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m.



Collections and Documents

Note: Many of these materials are in Worcester Business pamphlet files, located through the library's card file. There are finding aids available for many of the Museum's collections.



  • Commonwealth Press -
    • 2 booklets: "Two-minute Thinks" by Commonwealth
    • 3 letters from Commonwealth Press to U. Waldo Cutler of Worcester Historical Society, with tributes from customers, 1927 & 1928
    • Scrapbook with clippings about "The Smallest Printed Book in the World," The Rose Garden of Omar Khayyam by Eban Francis Thompson, which Commonwealth printed
    • News clippings, 1933 & 1982
  • W. B. Crombie Co.
    • Blotter with Crombie advertisement on front
    • Folded announcement - "Introducing W. B. Crombie Co., with photo of S. Earle Carpenter, Treasurer, Charles Lloyd, Vice President, George Pruitt, Secretary, William B. Crombie, President; stamped "received 1913"
  • Davis Press
    • 1 page glossy advertisement for Davis
    • Blotter with advertisement
    • Promotional booklet: "Convincing Evidence," with photographs reproduced
    • Promotional booklet: "The Imprint," with announcement of new location, stamped 1913
    • Christmas card booklet with illustrations, 1912
    • Glossy booklets: "The Beach Booster," introduced as "perhaps the first of combined efforts of Rae Spencer and Warren Davis in writing copy, having drawings made and producing a continuing house organ, c. 1912-1915
    • stamps (not postage) with advertising
  • National Aegis
    • Subscribers list, 1848 - 1 octavo volume
  • Sheppard Envelope Co.
    • One 2 1/2 " document case containing public relations materials, company history and sample envelopes
  • Stobbs Press -
    • 1 issue of the Bulletin, Autumn 1894 - includes stories, anecdotes and quotes, and advertising for Stobbs, including types of printing
    • The Treasure Ship, Vol. II, Feb. 1926, No. 6 - monthly magazine published by Stobbs
    • Small bound issues of The Vagabond, Vol. 39-42, 1955-1958, Stobbs Press's monthly magazine
  • Swan Printers --
    • 1 envelope with "The Swan Printers 311 Main Street" on end of envelope
  • Isaiah Thomas -
    1 folder containing:
    • Several sheets of first coating paper made in Worcester at the mill erected by Isaiah Thomas, 1794
    • Abstract of will of Isaiah Thomas
    • Receipt signed by Isaiah Thomas
    • 3 letters written and signed by Isaiah Thomas, 1805 & 1807
    • 3 receipts to Massachusetts Spy and Thomas, 1806, 1810 & 1812
  • U. S. Envelope Co.
    • "Handbook of Envelope Products and Purposes"
    • 25 issues of The Red Envelope, publication for employees with company and industry history
    • 2 copies of booklet: "The Envelope - Its Origins, Development & Manufacture," by United States Envelope Company, Springfield, MA - one copy says Feb. 1957
    • Large folded sheet - "U. S. Envelope - 75 Years of Excellence," with history and photographs
    • Early envelope and sample envelopes
    • Photocopied company magazine, no date, c. 1920s
  • George C. Whitney Company -
    This collection is made up of about nine document cases. Finding aid is available in the library. The collection contains many valentines, catalogs and price lists. It also includes Whitney Company correspondence; internal financial documents; U. S. patent and copyright documents; 4 original drawings; and a photograph album of White Co. Fire., as well as the following:
    • Valentine catalogs, 1879-1881; 1885-1900; 1900; 1906
    • Christmas card catalogs, 1886-1891
    • Product item catalogs, 1914-1916
    • Sample catalogs, 1937 & 1938
    • Albums with Whitney's product line
  • Woodbury & Co., Inc. -
    • 1 large folder with advertisement for Kyes & Woodbury - 8 engravings and drawings
    • Folder with heavy card advertisement for Kyes & Woodbury
    • Advertisement for Woodbury Carlton Co. in Worcester County Weekly Record, 1905
    • 9" X 12" envelope with blue folder of "Photogravure Letterhead Samples"
    • In Worcester Business Pamphlet File:
      • Folder with -announcement that Kyes & Woodbury are succeeding to engraving business of Corliss and Emerson; example of engraving; business card for Kyes & Woodbury; company newsletter, The Eagle's Eye, Vol. 37, No. 2, July 1998; First issue examples on postcards and envelopes; examples of stationery with Woodbury engravings and drawings; news articles




Worcester Polytechnic Institute

George C. Gordon Library
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609-2280



Archives and Special Collections

Contact: Curator
Phone: 508-831-6612
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Special Collections:
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  • Woodbury & Co.
    • This collection, given to WPI by the Woodbury family, consists of 25 linear feet of company material, dating from 1884 to 2001. The collection includes letterhead samples, proofs of woodblocks, photogravure proofs and sky camera photographs. There are also company records, photographs, scrapbooks, newsletters, and miscellaneous company artifacts. Most notable is a set of large bird's eye view hand-drawn renderings of factories and commercial buildings.
    • Available online, through the Archives web site, is a digital collection of approximately 1,000 digital images of sample letterheads, bird's eye view drawings, and the Woodbury & Co. newsletter.




Worcester Public Library

3 Salem Square
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Contact: Nancy Gaudette, Worcester History & Genealogy
Phone: 508-799-1655
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Library hours: Tues.-Thurs. 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Fri. & Sat. 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sun. 1:30-5:30 during fall, winter and early spring. Check to confirm Sunday hours. Contact Ms. Gaudette before visit to check availability of history and genealogy materials.



Archival Materials


  • Asa Bartlett Press --
    • Promotional booklet - "The Plant Behind the Product…and what it means to you" - includes company history, executive personnel, and plant operations, 1953
  • Colonial Press -
    • Promotional booklet - "A Tour - The Colonial Press, Inc., Clinton MA," VLN Corp.
  • Davis Press -
    • Promotional booklet - "It's Inside - Davis Printed It - Some Effects of the Half-Tone Process Printing," produced by Gilbert G. Davis, Printer. Contains black and white photographs, photograph in sepia, and examples of type. No date, probably early 1900s
  • United States Envelope Company -
    • Promotional booklet - "The Envelope - Its Origin, Development & Manufacture"
    • Company publication: The Red Envelope, July 1915, April 1917, Aug. 1920
  • Caleb Arnold Wall -
    • Thin book - Proceedings at the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the connection of Caleb Arnold Wall with the Worcester County Press. 1837-1887 - features Mr. Wall's memories of his career in the printing business, 1887
  • Worcester County Club of Printing House Craftsmen -
    • Small book - 50th Anniversary Worcester County Club of Printing House Craftsmen 1922-1972 - includes history, names of presidents, black and white photographs