Why Journal?

Bill working on the gym floor

Bill reviewing lists of graduates during Commencement preparations.

Bill with friends, October 1978

Bill with friends, October 1978.

Bill keeps a meticulous record of his daily activites from the early 1960s to today.

It only takes two seconds to write something down in a book. I think having a journal, at least if I want to go back and see what I did on July 15th, 1963, I just go to the ’63 book.

I mean none of us have total recall on every single day, of every single minute of every day of their lives. And this way I don’t have to worry…

I can go back and look at these things because someone can call me and say “we did something, but I can’t remember the date.” Well give me the year and the month and I can go back. But if it’s a student I know it probably happened between January and May and September to December.

Why Journal?