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Bill Trask at his desk

Bill Sitting in Chair in his Office.jpg
Bill Trask seated behind his desk in his Boynton Hall office.

Bill with WPI colleagues

Bill With Colleagues on Couches.jpg
Bill Trask seated in chair with WPI colleagues seated on a nearby couch.

Bill working on the gym floor

Bill Working on Gym Floor.jpg
Bill Trask over lists of graduates laid out on the gymnasium floor during commencement preperations.

Tuna and students, November 1982

Tuna and Students B&W Nov 82.jpg
Bill Trask with WPI students in November, 1982.

wswl [Win Some, Lose Some] caricature of Bill Trask

WSWL Bill Head Caricature.jpg
Caricature of Bill Trask depicting him saying "wswl" or "Win Some, Lose Some"

Image of Christmas card and envelope

XMAS card and envelope.jpg
Image of Christmas card and envelope addressed to Cpl. William F. Trask at Camp Lejune, North Carolina sent by Ruth Trask

Young Bill in suit

Young Bill in Suit.jpg
Portrait of a young William "Bill" Tuna" Trask

Young Bill

Young Bill.jpg
Portrait of William "Bill" "Tuna" Foley Trask

The Tuna Files exhibit posters

Posters from the original exhibition.