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The Statitrol Story
The Duane D. Pearsall manuscript collection MS055 at WPI, includes business and personal records of Duane Pearsall, developer of the battery-powered home smoke detector. Records of Statitrol, the smoke detector company Mr. Pearsall founded, plus…

The Statitrol Corporation newsletters were an effective communication tool that created a channel for employees to learn about new developments, and it was also used to recognize high achievers and employee milestones throughout the company.

This group of items for an exhibit is a scrapbook assembled by Pearsall with special memories of congratulations from friends, family and business associates, in letters, cards and personal sentiments.

This exhibit is a collection is a 69 page scrapbook compiled by Pearsall with memories of his awards with photographs, correspondence, letters and cards of congratulations and the celebration of him by all that know him.
Ensign Pearsall completed one year of training and was commissioned as Ensign
VPB-128 Bomber Squadron insignia depicts Captain Marvel of comic book fame to represent the man behind the machine in all phases of a successful bombing mission.
Pearsall the Naval Navigator
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Pearsall wedding photo taken of Duane and Marjorie in Des Moines Iowa

Citizenship Award
Duane Pearsall in his senior year of high school received a citizenship award for student of the year, an annual honor when classmates in grades 9 - 12 cast a vote.
Sheldon Pearsall Sr. purchased two new Rollfast bicycles, one red and one blue, at a bargain price using the nest egg of money Junior and Duane earned working after school.
A Pearsall family photograph, sitting from left to right are eldest sibling and sister Betty at 19 years, brother Maynard at 9 years old, brother Sheldon Jr. at 17 years old, father Sheldon Sr., Duane at 18 years old, brother Curtis at 7 years old,…
Duane Pearsall photograph was cut out of his 1943 Naval Air Yearbook documenting the fourth class to graduate Hollywood Florida training Feb 1943 to June 1943, image taken from the National Flight log #835.
Duane Pearsall stands between two rows of female workers at work benches at the Statitrol factory.
Photograph of Pearsall with President Ford, two unknown men standing on the right.
Duane Pearsall and President Ford shake hands.
Letter signed by President Ford congratulating Duane Pearsall on being named Small Business Person of the Year.
Duane Persall gesturing.
Duane Pearsall seated at desk. He holds a melted Smoke Gard in his left hand. A second Smoke Gard sits on the desk.
Duane Pearsall stands outside on a balcony wearing a long winter coat. Office buildings and the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains are visble in the background.
1954 certificate of membership to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating engineers.
Photograph of Duane Pearsall standing for a photograph with President Gerald Ford.
Pearsall, with his wife Marge and father Sheldon, in Washington DC for the National Small Businessman of the Year awarded him in 1976 by President Ford.
Navy Air Training Center Certificate designating Pearsall as a Naval Aviator.
Franklin-Jefferson Award Coins.
Institute of American Entreprenuers commemorate Pearsall achievements as Entreprenuer of the Year.
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