My Life Unfolded

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Duane D. Pearsall Autobiography - From the Introduction

In the 1960's, Duane D. Pearsall and his colleagues accidentally discovered unique characteristics of ionization and smoke. This discovery led him to invent the first battery powered home smoke detector. Pearsall was instrumental in changing commercial and home building codes to require smoke detection devices. Since the mid 1970's, the smoke detector has become a household safety device that has been widely credited for saving thousands of lives. The smoke detector may be the most significant lifesaving innovation of the 20th century.

In 1976, Pearsall was honored with the National Small Businessman of the Year Award. He considered small business to be the "backbone" of the nation's economy. He testified on numerous occasions before Congress as an advocate for the interests of small business nationwide.

These are the personal and professional memoirs of Duane D. Pearsall.

A digitized copy of his never published autobiography, 
My Life Unfolded is available to read here.


Duane D. Pearsall's Dedication

I dedicate this book, My Life Unfolded, not only to those whom I have mentioned, but also to my grandchildren: Jillian and Alison Rowley; Jennifer Pearsall Endriss and her family; Chelsea, Brandon and Alex Pearsall, and to our family's future generations.