Early Years

Pearsall family in 1940

Pearsall Family 1940

The Early Years

Duane "Dewey" Darwin Pearsall was born to Sheldon and Margery Pearsall in Pontiac, Michigan, the second of five children. At an early age his entrepreneurial spirit emerged. Duane was always trying to find ways to make money; selling pussy willows on the side of the road, digging worms, even working as a golf caddy.

Junior and Duane Pearsall with their Rollfast bicycles

Brothers with new Rollfast bicycles

Driven to Succeed 

The desire to succeed was cultivated by his mother Margery's advice to save money, go to school and become successful. Influenced by his parent’s strong work ethic, Duane was not afraid of hard work and shadowed his father’s own entrepreneurial spirit. The money saved from working after school paid off when father Sheldon used their money to purchase two Rollfast bicycles at a bargain price for Duane and brother Sheldon Jr.

Washington Jr High School Class Photograph

7th Grade at Washington Junior High

Washington Junior High 

Duane's seventh grade class photograph. He is the young boy in the front row, fifth from the left, looking down at the ground. 

Citizenship award

Citizenship Award

Student of the Year 

Duane's first award would come in his senior year at Roosevelt High School in Keego Harbor, Michigan. Nominated by his student peers, he was awarded a Citizenship medal for Student of the Year, one he cherished and kept safe in a keepsake box.

Roosevelt High School Football Team Photograph

Roosevelt High Football Team 1939

Keego Harbor Football Team  

Duane was not an athlete, however, he did play football for the Roosevelt High School team for two years. He can be identified by the jersey with #94 on it.

Roosevelt High School Class of 1940 Photograph

Roosevelt High School Class of 1940

Roosevelt High School Class of 1940  

Senior class photograph of the students in Pearsall's class.