Call It Fate

Pearsall in his Office

Call it Fate

Some people say fate is like destiny because the development of events are beyond a person's control, as if determined by a supernatural power.

On their wedding day, Duane's father, Sheldon Pearsall Sr. said to the bride Marjorie Fewel, that "Duane was born with the caul [veil] (part of the membrane encasing the fetus) covering his head. There is a traditional belief [from medieval times] that a person born with the caul covering the head is destined for greatness. I am very confident that the man you are marrying will become known for his accomplishments.”

In retrospect, Duane Pearsall did experience major accomplishments in his life that are encapsulated in the many awards and honors for his achievements; mostly for developing the battery powered smoke detector and advocating for small business all through his career as a business owner and entrepreneur.